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Service Price List

Product Arriving at the Warehouse 

Monthly storage fee
Monthly storage for 1 m³ volume area
$9.00 ()
Delivery to Cargo
Delivery of orders to the cargo company
$1.00 (adet )
Delivery to Cargo
Delivery of orders to the cargo company
$1.00 (adet )
Delivery to Cargo
Delivery of orders to the cargo company
$20.00 (adet )
Delivery to Cargo
Delivery of orders to the cargo company
$20.00 (adet )
Delivery to Cargo
Delivery of orders to the cargo company
$45.00 (adet )
Delivery to Cargo
Delivery of orders to the cargo company
$350.00 (adet )
Delivery to Cargo
Delivery of orders to the cargo company
$85.00 (adet )
Delivery to Cargo
Delivery of orders to the cargo company
$500.00 (adet )

FBA, FBM, Arbitrage Service Fees

The service contents in this section are charged based on sales volume and shipping areas.  You can request a meeting for pricing suitable for your business. Services subject to a fee;

FBA Product Labeling 
FBA Product Labeling Procedures
Product Labeling/Barcoding
FNSKU product labeling.
FBA Polybag 
Warning printed packaging of products. (Varies depending on packaging dimensions.)
FBA Product Boxing
Boxing of products one by one. (Varies depending on box dimensions and quantity.)
Product Combination 
Combining products or differentiating them according to seasonal needs.
Product Sorting
Separation of combined products.
Bubble Packaging
Bubble packaging of products

Returned Product Management Service Fees

Returned Product Acceptance
Sending the returned products to our warehouse address 
$1.50 (adet)
FBA Returned Product Acceptance
Sending bulk FBA returned products to our warehouse address 
Returned Product Detailed Control / Label Removal
Detection of damage/defect of the incoming product, removal of the label
$1.50 (adet)
Returned Product Bulk Package Delivery
Returned products will be sent to your address as a bulk package. (Standard package: USPS Large Box)

Other Intermediate Warehouse Service Fees

Brand-Specific Product Packaging
Special packages and additional materials for your brand (stickers, gift cards, brochures, etc.) are included in the price.
$3.00 (adet)
Product Personalization with Laser
İşlenmeye uygun malzeme üzerine lazer kazıma. (En fazla kazıma yüzeyi 10cm X 20cm)
$4.00 (adet)
If a service not listed is requested
It is priced according to the duration of the service to be provided.
Teklif Alın.


Dear Seller,

As an intermediate warehouse operating in Florida, USA, we are committed to compliance with federal regulations in the organization and conduct of our business. When using the storage and shipping services we offer, please note that you must take into account the shipping restrictions of some product categories regulated and inspected by the US Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA). These restrictions, along with U.S. customs regulations, include important regulations regarding importing and shipping products.

Florida'daki federal düzenlemelere uyum sağlama konusundaki taahhüdümüz aşağıdaki gibidir:

  1. FDA Regulations: We adhere to the rules and permissions established by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) during the importation and shipment of products such as drugs, biologics, medical devices, cosmetic products, and similar items. We obtain the necessary permits and documents for the shipments of such products.

  2. Other Federal Regulations: We ensure full compliance with federal regulations for other product categories, including tobacco products, radiation-emitting electronic products, lithium batteries, and veterinary products. We obtain all the required permits and documents during the importation and shipment of these products.

  3. Customs Procedures: We exercise due diligence during customs procedures to comply with all federal regulations and make the necessary notifications. This ensures that customs procedures are carried out smoothly and in accordance with the law.


Please make sure you are compliant with the relevant regulations before shipping products falling into these categories. Keep in mind that sending products in violation of regulations can lead to customs issues.

For more information and updates, you can visit the official website of the U.S. FDA: FDA Official Website.


Each product category on this list is subject to different legal regulations in the United States and internationally. Therefore, it is important to carefully review and adhere to the relevant regulations and customs rules before importing or exporting any product. Additionally, it is important to review the customs and import regulations of the destination country before making a shipment, as each country may have different restrictions and requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with appropriate guidance and support.

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