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What does BarnDepo do?

BarnDepo provides US interim warehouse service to reduce shipping costs, shipping times, and return loss rates for micro-businesses and retailers selling personalized products on various online sales platforms.


Is it free to join the BarnDepo system?

Registration in the system, pre-interview and in-process interviews are carried out completely free of charge.


What are your working hours?

BarnDepo working hours are 09:00 - 16:00 on weekdays and 10:00-13:00 on weekends in New York Time Zone. Shipping is not possible on Sundays and US special days, as cargo companies do not work. All other transactions continue during working hours.


Can every seller send products to the BarnDepo warehouse?

Every seller who can guarantee the monthly average number of orders determined during the pre-negotiation process can benefit from our warehouse.


How much is the shipping fee to the BarnDepo warehouse?

The product shipping fee is covered by the amount of cargo that will be sent out depending on the size and weight of the shipment, together with the number of stocks to be sent to the warehouse determined in the preliminary meeting. We do not charge you any fees for shipping products to our warehouse.


Which shipping company should I use to send products to the BarnDepo warehouse?

You can send your products to our warehouse by making an agreement with the cargo company you want. If you have a suggestion or request request during our negotiations, we can help you to ship your products to our warehouse during the product delivery process without any charge.


How can I track my products that I sent to BarnDepo warehouse?

When you register to our system, you will have a stock and status tracking screen that only you can see. Thus, you can check the status of your products at any time by logging in to our website.


What happens if I can't sell my products in the BarnDepo warehouse?

Your products are stocked in our warehouse in line with your demands. If you want to return the products after a while, they will be sent to your address, but the shipping fee has to be covered by you. In another possibility, if your products have reached the end of their shelf life, they will be removed from our warehouse with your knowledge.


Are returned products checked for damage?

Returned products will be carefully reviewed by our team if you request a "return product review". Damages and problems, if any, are shared with you. If the product can be repaired in line with your guidance, it is made by our team and placed back in your stocks.


Are personalized products available for every product?

Products that have no problem in processing by CNC (engraving, engraving) or PVC (printing) machines in our warehouse are suitable for customization. If the material of your product has properties that can be damaged, personalization is not done.


What if something goes wrong with the customization process?

Barnwarehose is responsible for all costs if any printing errors occur during customization or if any action is taken by our team other than your instructions.


How are order shipping charges calculated?

All cargo companies used in the USA have integration with our site. After logging in to the system, you can follow the necessary steps to see each shipping company's shipping type, delivery time and shipping pricing on a single screen, and choose the one you want to send.

Shipping costs vary based on shipment weight, dimensions, distance from delivery location, service options, product value, and other factors. In addition, customs costs are also reflected in the price of the shipment. You can contact us to learn more about dimensional weight.

If you have any questions or special requests, we will be happy to assist you. You can contact us for more information or request a shipping quote.


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